Milonee Shah



About myself: 

4th year medical student | Dancer | Lover of spontaneity | Traveller | Foodie | Adventurer

When did you start photography?

My dad bought a camera in the summer of 2013 and taught me everything he knows on our family trip to India in 2014. He lost interest so I stole the camera and the rest is history!

What do you love about photography?

Capturing the moments that are swiftly passing but make the best memories J

“Find a reason to smile”.

Why did you join Us Photography?

To make a positive, lasting impact with this hobby, whilst having fun at the same time.

What photography do you enjoy?

Night life, club photography, events/birthdays

Interesting fact about yourself:

95% of people can’t guess many ethnicity – Latino, Phillipino or Italian are people’s first guesses. I’m actually 100% Indian! I can also speak 4 languages and working on a 5th!