Michael Chan



About myself

I am currently a doctor at Concord Hospital, Sydney. Photography, Anatomy and Teaching are my hobbies/passion, better if some or all can be combined!

When did you start photography?

Back in primary school with disposable film cameras. I started with DSLRs many years ago photographing and documenting cadaveric dissections for teaching and research.

What do you love about photography?

Every photograph has its own challenges in composition and interpretation. They provide a wonderful memory or insight to a specific or special moment.

Why did you join Us Photography?

With each event, there are new challenges, new people to meet and a good cause to support.

What photography do you enjoy?

Landscapes, portraits, macro, event and scientific. I’d like to experiment with IR photography.

Interesting fact about my self

Landscape photography has given me the opportunity to experience spectacular moments of peace within the chaos of life.