Warapol Boonpratakvej


Warpol Boonpratakvej

About myself: 

My name is Warapol Boonpratakvej, current student at UNSW studying Aviation Flying & Management.

When did you start photography?

I started photography in year 10 of high school. Since obtaining my first DSLR, my journey of photography has brought me amazing opportunities.

What do you love about photography?

I love that photography is a gateway to not only exploring your creative abilities, but to also gain experience and opportunities to meet new people.

Why did you join Us Photography?

I joined Us Photography as I believe in the great cause that Us Photography stands by. By allowing for my skills to be an asset to raise money for a good cause, I believe that it was an opportunity I couldn’t miss.

What photography do you enjoy?

I particularly enjoy photographing concerts, weddings and portraits.

Interesting fact about yourself:

I also work as a concert photographer with a number of music publications.