Andrew Lee

Andrew Lee


About myself: 

My name is Andrew Lee, current student at UNSW studying Commerce/Computer Science.

When did you start photography?

I started learning photography in high school however I only obtained my own camera after high school and have since then been using it everywhere.

What do you love about photography?

Photography has allowed me to gain a new insight of how I see the world. From the various emotions on the street to majestic landscapes, photography has let me discover a new way to see.

Why did you join Us Photography?

Us Photography is a wonderful organization full of energetic photographers working for a good cause. The opportunity to join Us Photography was too good to pass up.

What photography do you enjoy?

I thoroughly enjoy portrait photography in order to capture the entirety of a person. Would love to try shooting on those old film cameras though.

Interesting fact about yourself:

According to my friend I have small teeth.


I spend all my time looking for new camera gear.