Ya Ruth Huo


About myself: 

Hi! I’m a Doctor and photography is my passion. One of the reasons I love photography is because my father always said

“Take a photo today, because tomorrow you will be a day older and you don’t know what it will bring.”

He taught me to treasure every day and appreciate one’s wellbeing because, at 16 years of age, he became the main carer of his father (my grandfather) who became hemiplegic at the age of 45 following a stroke

When did you start photography?

I started once I finally convinced my dad to buy me a DSLR (in exchange for my 20th Birthday present + Christmas Present + had to wash the dishes for the next month)

What do you love about photography?

The ability to help other people in making their great experience and memories permanent.

Why did you start Us Photography?

I love medicine, research and photography. In 2011, there was a decrease in the amount of government medical research funding, so I wanted to raise funds for charities that supported research such as the Cancer Council, Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute.

What photography do you enjoy?

I love wedding, maternity and family photography.

Cancer Council Donation Ya Ruth HuoYa Ruth HuoYa Ruth Huo Ya Ruth Huo

$1500 fundraised for Cancer Council for 45km Jabulani Run by Wallace Chow and Ya Ruth Huo

$1500 fundraised for Cancer Council for 45km Jabulani Run